tabblo – Brings tado°® To Your Wrist.

Recently the pebble steel was announced and finally shipped. I received mine late february and missed a functionality to control my tado° the heating app. So after asking tado°’s for a public API I thought to myself, they must already have some sort of API and so I started to have a look into their (undocumented) but fine web-services.

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After one night coding, coding, coding I’ve finally finished my first pebble watchapp: “tabblo” a composite word of tado and pebble, well sort of.

Finally it got really easy to change the temperature in my apartment without tinkering with my phone.


So grab tabblo right away if you own the tado° The Heating App® and the glamours pebble steel or the nerdy pebble.


6 thoughts on “tabblo – Brings tado°® To Your Wrist.”

  1. Hi there – I’m trying to install this but it says “Coming Soon” on the Pebble App Store on iPhone. Any idea how to get round this?



    1. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your message!

      Unfortunately this coming soon is an artificial delay caused by the approval process of Apple.

      tabblo (and any other watchapp using the pebble app for internet communication) needs to be bundled within the pebble app.
      Currently the next iteration of the pebble app is submitted for review and hopefully soon to be approved by Apple.

      Please check the pebble watchapp store as soon as you see the pebble app to receive the next update on your phone.

      Or just follow @tabbloWatchapp on twitter – I am going to post a reminder as soon as the apple review process is complete.

      Please understand, that this is not in my reach, and I am quite disappointed that’s it is not possible to post instant updates to the pebble world.

      Especially when we look over to the android space, where instant app submissions are no problem. (tabblo is already available on android devices)

      Thank you for your understanding,

      Kind regards,

  2. Hello Matthias,

    Thanks for a great app for the pebble. One question though.

    I want to be able to turn my hot water on and off from my pebble. Would you be able to add this, or if not perhaps open up the source code and I will add the feature? I’ve written a couple of watch faces so far…



    1. Hello John!

      Thank you for your feedback!
      I will look into it and add it to the next release!

      Follow me on twitter for updates: @tabbloWatchapp

      Kind regards,

  3. Where did you get info on the undocumented 🙂 web services? I’ve asked Tado about an API but was told it’s not yet on the horizon.

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